With Jessica Guiver & Girish Ballolla

Changing lives through international education

International educators are a unique breed! They work tirelessly around the world to promote global education. Whether they’re recruiting students, promoting study abroad opportunities, or ensuring student success on campus, they open new doors and make dreams come true. They change lives and bend destinies.

And along the way, their own lives are changed and their own destinies bent.

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Welcome to the Destiny Benders podcast

If you’re interested to hear more about the international educators whose mission it is to change lives and bend destinies, this is the podcast for you.

Jessica Guiver and Girish Ballolla engage in candid conversations with guests to learn more about their journeys, when they realized they were bending destinies, and how their own lives have been changed in the process.

The Story Behind Destiny Benders

We all know each other…well kind of. We meet at conferences, recruitment trips, forums, webinars. But do we really know each other? Do we know how we got to where we are? What motivated us to start a career in international education? What keeps us motivated? Why we do what we do?

We started wondering these things as well. So we decided to start a podcast and meet these inspiring international educators and get to know them. Join us as we share their stories with the world.

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